Ideal Applications:


Thick Material:  Precision cutting up to six inches thick.


Heat Sensitive Materials:  The cold process of the waterjet will not affect the temper of the material.


Composites:  Cutting materials of different composites at the same time. Including gummy or exceptionally hard materials.


Production Quantities:  Maximum material usage, minimum kerf loss, and efficient nesting.


Machine Parts:  Waterjet cutting saves you time and money, cutting near net or final shapes. Without creating a heat affected zone.


Water Jet Benefits:


Bandsaws:  Waterjet cutting is faster, more accurate, requires less man-power, can handle detailed designs, and can be performed on any material.


Lasers:  Waterjet cutting can accommodate thicker materials, can be performed on any material, and involves no heat.


Wire EDM:  Waterjet cutting is faster, less expensive, can pierce holes, and can be performed on any material.

Here at Great Lakes Waterjet and Laser
we use a TECNI Waterjet machine
  • No costly fixtures or tooling

  • No HAZ (Heat Affected Zone)

  • No material warping

  • No Burrs or sharp edges

  • Minimal material wasted

  • Tolerances within +/- .005"

  • No work hardening

  • Ability to stack material

  • SPEED!